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Monday, August 28, 2006

September Challenge

As we're winding down August, I think it's time to forge ahead with the next bead-a-long.

As beaders we are very taken with beautiful, shiny, and often (let's admit it) costly little round things. I have always considered myself kind of a snob and kitsch-challenged. I also have a base metal allergy, and my ethos has normally been if I can't wear it why should anyone else?

Recently I came across this when I googled the phrase "plastic flowers."

September's bead-a-long encourages us to incorporate the "low." Whether it's a cheap or recycled item that would normally be "beneath" artistic consideration, or imagery you hate to love, find some way to put a little mass culture love into your art.

Any size, any kind of item, obviously make it about beads.


Blogger TeAntae said...

#1 Though I'm terribly behind on the August BAL (read: haven't even started), I'm still going to make a little amulet bag because I've never made one and I wanna finish darnit. I got intimidated by the gorgeous work that had been posted so far and choked.

#2 I know exactly what I'm use as the focal piece(s) for the September challenge. A dear friend's mother recently passed and he gave me her collection of beads. The majority I gave away because they were plastic (had I known about this sooner). The base metal findings were starting to do scarey things so they went in the trash. I was able to salvage some faux cat's eye beads in some interesting colors, some descent looking wooden beads and (drum roll please): 3-1 1/2" Pepto-Bismol pink (base) and cream (relief) cameos! Those things almost hit the trash several times but instead I'm going to do something with them for this BAL.

6:16 AM

Blogger Doogie said...

Woohoo! Finally a use for those tacky saucers my aunt sent me!

12:27 PM

Blogger Mandi said...

This is going to be fun! I'm off to dig around in my bead stash...

12:49 PM


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