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Monday, October 02, 2006

Beaded Pillows

This is my first bead embroidery project, and I just kind of made up the design as I went along. My "low" materials were those plastic gems with the shiny bottoms. The other beads are size 11/0 gold seed beads. I made these to go on the futon in my bead studio. I had to sew the tassels in by hand since I cut them from a tasseled trim border. I made curtains from the same striped fabric, and a lampshade with the green fabric, bordered with the tasseled trim. I also added a brass elephant candle holder to the side table. It all gives the room a Morrocan feel. Now I just have to figured out what to do with the blank space on the wall....
Thanks for looking!


Blogger redthread said...

I love them! And you should get a special prize for using one of those things I always thought unusuably bad but kind of awesome at the same time.


8:37 AM

Blogger LJ said...

I love 'em too. Just linked to you yesterday but couldn't get Blogger to accept a comment for love nor money!
Those are very HAPPY pillows!

4:39 PM

Blogger Mandi said...

Thanks for the compliments! And I've got some great ideas for that blank wall space to tie the room together. I call it a spirit banner. I'm going to start posting my progress every Tuesday on my new blog (, if you would like to see it = )

8:01 AM

Blogger The Lone Beader said...

I could use some red ones like that in my apartment. :)

12:26 PM

Blogger shells said...

They are beautiful!

3:39 PM

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